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Top Tweets from #educationnation

Today a certain edu-geeky air blew through the skyscraper-lined streets of New York City as NBC kicked off their fourth year of Education Nation, a weeklong conversation around the state of education. I sat front row in a sea of hopetimistic teachers, smartphone in hand to follow the online dialogue as well as the live one under the bright lights of the stage. 

Confession: I just love the qualitative nature of reading a Twitter feed. And its ability to help me process events and different perspectives after the fact. As I’m riding the bus back home to the campus of Mount Holyoke, I’m reflecting on the trends and take aways. Below are a few of the top tweets from the event:

  • @NBPTS: Nobody knows teaching like teachers. (Can I get an "amen?!?!")

  • @TeachingChannel: “What great teachers DO: We don’t find talent, we GROW it.” -Leanne (teacher)

  • @cpetellier915: “You can’t solve the world’s problems by bubbling in A, B, C, or D.” -teacher panelist

  • @curleymeredith: Good teaching is really hard.” –Charlotte Danielson (I heard Deborah Ball compare it to being an E.R. doctor…but with 22 patients at once!)

  • @AFTUnion: Poverty is a big factor in public education. Glad to see it mentioned at #educationnation.

  • @whitneycward: “Everything in teaching and learning boils down to relationship.” -teacher panelist

  • @Ed4excellence: When #teachers speak up, we’ll see a dramatic shift in how we are treated as professionals (I’d add that this should be solutions-focused; complaints tend to automatically shut down conversations.)

And here are a few that really resonated with me:

  • @TheJLV: We can’t settle anymore for policy makers handing down their policies to us.  We can take that lead. That’s us. 

  • @E1ATT: It’s time to raise our voices and insert them into policy. (I’d take this further and urge that teacher voices lead policy!)

  • @GTLCenter: Teacher voice and thought partnership allow tremendous things to happen.

  • @LoyolaAol: Teachers need time to collaborate together for Common Core to work.

  • @NBPTS: As teachers, we are each other’s greatest resources.

It was great to be in the room, though a little one-sided. It’s like preaching to the choir, and singing the same songs from last year’s song list (as pointed out by one teacher advocate). It seems like we all agree on most of the problems…but now how do we find solutions? What do we do next? I enjoyed being at Education Nation for the Teacher Town Hall, but I’d love to see a continuation. Now that we have all identified the obstacles for transforming the profession, let’s work with teachers, parents, and policy makers to develop some steps towards solutions. 

So the last Tweet I'm sending out to the world today?

  • @redhdteacher: Come on, #educationnation & stakeholders. Let’s move…it’s time to walk the walk.

You can watch the Teacher Town Hall at when it is posted (hopefully) later this week. 

1 Comment

Jason Parker commented on October 9, 2013 at 2:37pm:

Teacher Leadership! Woo!

Glad that this was central to many of the discussions that y'all had, and it was well represented in the Twitter backchannel for the event.

What'd you use to track the Twitter backchannel (we use Hootsuite here at CTQ)? Are there other good visualizations? I used to use VisibleTweets when I helped organize/run conferences, but that's a good "real-time" visualization, not a post-event one.

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