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The Power of Collaboration: 3 Ways to Bring Teachers and Legislators Together


Collaboration is the key to success in any system. It's time to start bridging the gaps and creating opportunities for collaboration between all the stakeholder in our educational system.


It's Us, Not Them: How Student Failure May Reflect You


It was the first time there wasn’t a line in the ladies restroom, but yet my longest wait. We went from complete strangers to a teacher listening to a student in just three words, “Are you ok?”


Embracing the Summer Slide


The summer slide is so much more than just "not reading". Slip and Slide 4 copyright 2010 by Jeffrey Smith licensed under CC by-ND 2.0

When students come back in a few weeks, I won’t be so worried about how much they “lost” over the summer in terms of numerical ranges.  I’ll be more concerned about what they have gained in laughter and angst, identities they have tried on and discarded like last year’s trendy shoes.

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Bill Ferriter

May 10, 2012

@shareski's right: My students CAN assess themselves!


If you've read the Radical for any length of time, you know that my thinking is often pushed by Dean Shareski -- a Digital Learning Consultant with the Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 

What I love about Dean's posts is that they're a perfect mix of practical and provocative ideas.  He's just as likely to challenge my instruction as he is to challenge my thinking -- and that's cool. 

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John Holland

May 6, 2012

#IknowaTeacher 2012


In the past year we have started to see some movement in how teachers are perceived by the public, especially the media. It is possibly one of the most pressing issues preventing the inclusion of teacher voice in creating the education students deserve. The graphic above illustrates the discrepancy between public perceptions and private opinions [...]

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Bill Ferriter

May 5, 2012

Suggestion for new #atplc schools: Don't skip vision and values statements


Shawn Blankenship -- a building principal buddy of mine who goes by @dms_principal on Twitter -- reached out this week with a really interesting question about professional learning communities. 

He wrote:

I would love to hear any advice, successes, and/or failures you have experienced regarding the building of a strong professional learning community.

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Rod Powell

May 1, 2012

5 reasons to find a virtual community now (part 2)


By Rod Powell

Part 1 of this post was originally published on April 30, 2012.

Reason #3: Address Specific Challenges

Beginning to implement Common Core Standards was energizing, but it wasn’t without snags, sidetracks, and slowdowns. My virtual community helped sort out specific difficulties I had in putting the standards into action in my classroom.

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John Holland

April 30, 2012

Creating room for humanity in ed policy


I’ve been in a very meta-aware state since I went back to teaching after being an administrator. The experience of supporting and supervising teachers and then being a teacher again has caused me to re-examine my language as I try to increase quality with the child care givers I supervise now. One shift that has [...]

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