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Advice to Myself as a New Teacher


Dear Mr. Barnwell (version 2004),


How Should Learning Teams Choose Essential Outcomes?

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One of the questions that I'm often asked in #atplc workshops is, "How should our learning team identify the essential and nonessential standards in our curriculum?"


Chào mừng bạn đến Quốc Hoa Kỳ (Welcome to the United States)


Opening up my e-mail and sipping on my third coffee of the morning, I read the following message:

“Hello teachers.  Please welcome a new 10th grader, Ngoc Trinh, coming to us from Vietnam. We will have to do our best to support this student with her limited English skills.”

“Uh oh…” was my first thought. 

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Ariel Sacks

February 5, 2012

On writing and teaching


I love teaching and I love writing about it but it's a challenging duality. The biggest challenge is directing my creativity. My mind is constantly chasing the next creative endeavor. When I am really in the groove with teaching, my creativity is always in relation to my classroom, my students, and sometimes my teaching team or a school-wide project. 

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Bill Ferriter

February 4, 2012

Writing 25 word stories [Handout]


If you've been reading the Radical for the last few days, you know that I spend last weekend in Philadelphia at the Educon conference. 

That means I'm intellectually spent and WAY behind in almost all of my part time work right now.  Constant conversations and really, really cool interactions with some of the brightest people on earth will do that to you.  As a result, I haven't got a ton of time to write today. 

What I'll do instead is share a handout with you that I created recently for the language arts teacher on my team to use with our kids.

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Dave Orphal

February 3, 2012

It’s a professional learning COMMUNITY


I got a card in the mail today.  It’s a get-well card from the folks at the Center for Teaching Quality.  It really brightened my day.   It also made me think about how important the “community” aspect of a professional learning community (PLC) really is. 

I belong to perhaps more than my fair share of fantastic PLCs. 

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Dave Orphal

February 1, 2012

Teacher-led PD


I started up my own professional development book club. I was tired of rolling the dice to see if the school-led or district-led PD would be anything I was interested in. I knew what I wanted to get better at this year. I wanted to go deeper into how I assess my students and take the next step toward having those assessments help me decide where the class should go next. 

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January 31, 2012

Is your faculty cliquing? Break it up!


Teachers are just as fond of cliques as students are.  We get comfortable.  We commiserate with those sharing our struggles and our hallways.  But just like student cliques need to break up from time to time, so do teacher cliques.  It’s good to branch out.  Developing new relationships often leads to fresh ideas and a renewed sense of teamwork. 

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