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Between Passion and Possibility: Creating My Dream School

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You never know when your possibilities will unveil themselves to you. I’ve told children that for 17 years. In January, I began to live my own.


An Opportunity to Share My Voice


Los Angeles high school student Maria Urquilla describes what a class trip to Washington D.C. taught her about the importance of student voice.


Why Every School Needs to Require Tandem Bike Riding


One of the major benefits of marrying a teacher is the fact that we share a summer schedule. This summer, our schedule found us on Sanibel Island, FL. My husband, Paul, had mentioned riding a tandem bike on several occasions, and given that the number of bikes matched the number of people on the island, we went with the “why-not-today” philosophy.

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Dan Brown

May 17, 2012

Can teachers be like doctors?


The teaching profession is in the early stages of a massive overhaul, and many advocates are looking to the medical profession for a model of how to improve the quality and respect for teachers.

It’s been just over a century since the Flexner Report revolutionized and dramatically improved the training of doctors. Here is a Wikipedia summary of its legacy:

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Dan Brown

May 16, 2012

Policymakers walking in teacher's shoes: A brilliant replicable idea


Last week, 50 employees— mostly senior staff— of the U.S. Department of Education spent their Wednesday shadowing teachers in D.C.-area schools. “ED Goes Back to School” is the first program that I know of in which senior policymakers systematically spend quality one-on-one time in teachers’ shoes. I think it’s brilliant; this type of program can and should be replicated in states and districts across the country.

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José Luis Vilson

May 15, 2012

What might be right for you may not be right for some [On home visits]


At the Education Week Teacher blog, my colleagues and I have written a fair amount about parent involvement as the missing link in school reform (here are a couple that I wrote). Generally, I agree that the parents of low-income communities have an untapped power that sometimes differentiates between the schools found in our neighborhoods [...]

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Ariel Sacks

May 14, 2012

To be appreciated…


Like many teachers, I have some mixed feelings about Teacher Appreciation Week. I wouldn't want to do away with it, but there's something awkward about the fact that we need this week as badly as we do. At the same time, we do not choose this work for recognition. When we get it, sometimes we doubt its sincerity, and other times we just don't know how to receive the acknowledgement.

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Bill Ferriter

May 10, 2012

@shareski's right: My students CAN assess themselves!


If you've read the Radical for any length of time, you know that my thinking is often pushed by Dean Shareski -- a Digital Learning Consultant with the Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 

What I love about Dean's posts is that they're a perfect mix of practical and provocative ideas.  He's just as likely to challenge my instruction as he is to challenge my thinking -- and that's cool. 

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