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The Power of Collaboration: 3 Ways to Bring Teachers and Legislators Together

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Collaboration is the key to success in any system. It's time to start bridging the gaps and creating opportunities for collaboration between all the stakeholder in our educational system.


It's Us, Not Them: How Student Failure May Reflect You


It was the first time there wasn’t a line in the ladies restroom, but yet my longest wait. We went from complete strangers to a teacher listening to a student in just three words, “Are you ok?”


Embracing the Summer Slide


The summer slide is so much more than just "not reading". Slip and Slide 4 copyright 2010 by Jeffrey Smith licensed under CC by-ND 2.0

When students come back in a few weeks, I won’t be so worried about how much they “lost” over the summer in terms of numerical ranges.  I’ll be more concerned about what they have gained in laughter and angst, identities they have tried on and discarded like last year’s trendy shoes.

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Dave Orphal

July 2, 2012

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime!


Aaahhhh, summer!  Nothing like being a teacher in the summer time.  You know the old saying: the three best things about being a teacher are June, July, and August…

Summer time.  Time to read some novels on the beach; time to toss a baseball around in the park; time to sit in the sun and sip on a beverage of my choice…


The alarm was going off.  It was six in the morning.  I dragged myself out of bed and out of the dream I was having.

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Ariel Sacks

June 30, 2012

More voices!


So I've been blogging now for 5+ years! It's been an extremely rewarding experience to process my opinions and experiences as an educator in writing and to voice them in the context of the diverse experiences and perspectives within this field. Here's a link to my very first post in April 2008 about what it meant to me to be "Going public" with my teaching practice.

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Ariel Sacks

June 28, 2012

How I got hired on the spot as a newbie


It's not easy to land the first teaching position. Without full-time experience as a teacher, there's no doubt that—even with excellent training—you're going to have so much to learn. I remember several tough interviews while looking for that first job, where I knew I did not have good answers to questions I was asked. I can recall exact moments in interviews where I knew I would probably not get the job.

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