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11 Collaboratory conversations you don’t want to miss!

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Our virtual community is turning 11! To celebrate: 11 productive conversations to give you a rush of professional insight, whether you have an hour or just 5 minutes.


Teachers! Leave Those Kids Alone.


When most of us were children, we had a lot of unsupervised time to explore. Sometimes we got lost. Sometimes we got hurt. We faced bullies, cranky adults, and aggressive neighborhood dogs. These adventures helped us learn to negotiate risk as we explored the ragged borders of our world.

Our students need exploration, complexity, and the risk of failure. If we spare them from struggle, we might rob them of fulfillment, too.


On unions and the future of the teaching profession


I’m no blame-the-unions pundit. After all, management—not unions—have imposed many of the rules that stifle creative (heck, even just sensible) practices in schools.

But here’s the plain truth: it’s time for unions to innovate.

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Sandy Merz

February 11, 2014

Flowing Words in the Sea of Thought


Which comes first, the thought or the word? A favorite concept of mine, that I think I got from George Will, is that you can’t think something you can’t say. Argue the point if you will, but who would dispute that words can bind as well as liberate our thinking? That thought is as true in education as anywhere. The digressions that follow adhere to this theme.

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Ariel Sacks

February 10, 2014

Guest Post: A Day in the Life of a No Excuses Charter School Student


Are you familiar with the term "No Excuses," often used to describe a certain style of charter school education? If you're not in an urban area with significant charter school presence, you may have never encountered this brand, and you might want to read this post. Note that there is huge diversity in the educational approach and focus of individual charter schools, but many of the most prominent charter networks subscribe to a "no excuses" framework.

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Kate Albrecht

February 7, 2014

FREE STUFF (for teacher designers!)


There ARE such things as free resources and they can come in handy when you begin your journey in to graphic design. If you’re feeling the itch (hooray!) to start sketching ideas the analog way or even putting the mouse to the art board to draw on your computer, these resources will be your new best friends.

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Justin Minkel

February 7, 2014

How to See the Good in the "Bad" Kids


It’s easy to like the cute ones. The kids with the ribboned braids, the quiet questions, the charming grins. But it’s our job to teach the hard kids, too. The ones who glower at us before we’ve said a word, who deliver a “yeah” so sullen it sounds like a curse, who seem to have no regard for anyone including themselves. How do we come to like those kids? Even, with time, to love them?

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