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Between Passion and Possibility: Creating My Dream School


You never know when your possibilities will unveil themselves to you. I’ve told children that for 17 years. In January, I began to live my own.


An Opportunity to Share My Voice


Los Angeles high school student Maria Urquilla describes what a class trip to Washington D.C. taught her about the importance of student voice.


Why Every School Needs to Require Tandem Bike Riding


One of the major benefits of marrying a teacher is the fact that we share a summer schedule. This summer, our schedule found us on Sanibel Island, FL. My husband, Paul, had mentioned riding a tandem bike on several occasions, and given that the number of bikes matched the number of people on the island, we went with the “why-not-today” philosophy.

Latest Blog Posts

Barnett Berry

May 23, 2014

CTQ-Global teachers tackle professional learning systems


HEALTH ADVISORY: Some parts of CTQ’s newest TeacherSolutions report may be downright painful to read, due to documented inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and disconnectedness.

Consider yourself warned.

It’s no huge secret that student learning demands teachers’ ongoing learning. International student achievement data—and esteemed researchers like Marc Tucker and Ben Jensen—have told us so for decades.

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Rachel Evans

May 22, 2014

The Expert Beginner’s Guide to Global Education Policy

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When I was invited to represent my school district in Shanghai, China, for the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN) meeting in April of this year, I was ecstatic. City teams from Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, Houston, and Seattle were gathering to trade insight and stories on scaling up 21st-century teaching—and I was going to be a part of the action.

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José Luis Vilson

May 22, 2014

Certifiably Certifiable (On Professionalism and Certificates)


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Renee Moore

May 21, 2014

Brown at 60 (part 2)


First, let’s be clear: Separate has never been and is not now equal.  

I want to expand on reflections I made about the 60th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision on the Teaching Ahead roundtable blog over at by inviting some distinguished African American scholars to the table.

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Marie LaCassa

May 20, 2014

5 Takeaways from the 2014 EdSource Symposium


Earlier this month, I attended the 2014 EdSource symposium, an event drawing some of the biggest names in education to discuss "Testing Students and Evaluating Schools in the Age of the Common Core." Much of the discussion revolved around professional development and the field tests for California's statewide assessments, also known as Smarter Balanced.

While most of the attendees were California teachers and educators, I think many of these takeaways are relevant to educators in other states as well.

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