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Between Passion and Possibility: Creating My Dream School

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You never know when your possibilities will unveil themselves to you. I’ve told children that for 17 years. In January, I began to live my own.


An Opportunity to Share My Voice


Los Angeles high school student Maria Urquilla describes what a class trip to Washington D.C. taught her about the importance of student voice.


Why Every School Needs to Require Tandem Bike Riding


One of the major benefits of marrying a teacher is the fact that we share a summer schedule. This summer, our schedule found us on Sanibel Island, FL. My husband, Paul, had mentioned riding a tandem bike on several occasions, and given that the number of bikes matched the number of people on the island, we went with the “why-not-today” philosophy.

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Dave Orphal

February 25, 2013

Classroom tip: Don’t surprise your principal


“Don’t surprise your principal,” I remember Mr. Faeth saying.

He was the principal who hired me for my first teaching job. I was teaching world history and civics at a continuation high school in Eureka, California. “If you are going to have your class read a controversial article or book or if you are going to watch a movie with any questionable content, I need to know about it in advance,” he continued. “That way if a parent calls me asking about the article or the movie, I can tell her that you and I have talked and these are the educational merits of the material.”

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Jessica Cuthbertson

February 24, 2013

Searching for a superintendent


This post originally appeared on EdNews Colorado

I've been ruminating on the word super. A dictionary search reveals several definitions for the prefix: "above, beyond," "to place or be placed above or over," and "an individual or thing larger, more powerful or with wider application than others of its kind." 

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Bill Ferriter

February 20, 2013

TWIT: We REALLY DO influence our students


A few years back, I started a new category of posts here on the Radical called TWIT -- or THIS Is Why I Teach -- designed to serve as a celebration of the simple joys that come along with being a classroom teacher and a reminder to me that I really DO enjoy what I do.

I realized the other day that it's been a LONG while since I wrote a TWIT post -- and then the email below ended up in my inbox:

Dear Mr. Ferriter,

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