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Apples & Oranges: Why This Year's State Test Was a Waste of Students' Time


Last week a group of CTQ-Colorado teachers attended and offered comments at the State Board of Education meeting. The following post is a written version of my remarks. While the board passed a symbolic resolution (in a 4-3 partyline vote) to withdraw from PARCC, one state board member boldy and publicly supported the standards and advocated for the aligned system our students deserve. If we must insist on a standardized test, I want the best one for my students. Core advocates (and skeptics!) -- I hope you'll park your thoughts on PARCC (& Smarter Balanced) here. 


Speak Less, Act Right


The first time I read these words by a Holocaust survivor, they haunted me. “My eyes saw what no person should witness: gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. So I am suspicious of education. My request is: Help your children become human.” To fulfill that request, our actions matter far more than our words.


Advice to Myself as a New Teacher


Dear Mr. Barnwell (version 2004),


Chào mừng bạn đến Quốc Hoa Kỳ (Welcome to the United States)


Opening up my e-mail and sipping on my third coffee of the morning, I read the following message:

“Hello teachers.  Please welcome a new 10th grader, Ngoc Trinh, coming to us from Vietnam. We will have to do our best to support this student with her limited English skills.”

“Uh oh…” was my first thought. 


Simple Truth: Hashtags Can Save You Time


If there was ONE thing that I'd want every practicing educator to know about learning in social spaces it would be that no matter what field you are working in, there are TONS of folks who are sharing resources t


Why Don't Those Teachers Own Their Profession Already?


Hypothetically speaking, let's say a subset of all teachers decided to go against their district's wishes, teaching their curriculum according to a mix of research and expertise, but masking it under the name of the latest district buzzword. Would you blame them for not outright fighting against their administration's wishes or congratulate them for "owning" their profession?

Of course, that's a trick question because it largely depends on your lens.

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José Luis Vilson

February 19, 2014

Teacherpreneurism For You

1 comment

Something to consider: over the last few years, a select group of folks have taken on the idea of "teacherpreneurship." Quietly but surely, they're discussing education for our kids in places where we aren't always welcome. They're re-shaping the environments around them and making their impressions felt in their school districts. Teacherpreneurism was never the "evil idea" a few critics made it out to be, but an idea set in making sure teachers had control of their profession. Having said that, here's the application. Please. Have at it.

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Ariel Sacks

February 16, 2014

Teacher Authors--Are Your Books "Big Brother-Proof"?


I've recently had the opportunity to speak with two different English teacher authors, who've written books about teaching methods. Hearing the perspectives and stories of people who have vastly more experience than I do in territory I'm just entering, as a new teacher-author, is inspiring and intriguing to me.

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Renee Moore

February 14, 2014

Read This: THRIVE!


Our CTQ Collaboratory colleague, Meenoo Rami, founder of the wildly popular #engchat, has written a fascinating new book that is already creating quite a buzz.  Thrive: Five Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your TeachingThe book devotes a chapter to one of my favorite topics: the role of mentors in the teaching profession.

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