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The Power of Collaboration: 3 Ways to Bring Teachers and Legislators Together


Collaboration is the key to success in any system. It's time to start bridging the gaps and creating opportunities for collaboration between all the stakeholder in our educational system.


It's Us, Not Them: How Student Failure May Reflect You


It was the first time there wasn’t a line in the ladies restroom, but yet my longest wait. We went from complete strangers to a teacher listening to a student in just three words, “Are you ok?”


Embracing the Summer Slide


The summer slide is so much more than just "not reading". Slip and Slide 4 copyright 2010 by Jeffrey Smith licensed under CC by-ND 2.0

When students come back in a few weeks, I won’t be so worried about how much they “lost” over the summer in terms of numerical ranges.  I’ll be more concerned about what they have gained in laughter and angst, identities they have tried on and discarded like last year’s trendy shoes.

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Megan Allen

July 10, 2014

How is teaching like nachos? What teaching is: Reflections of new teachers, part 2


This microblog is part 2 of a 3 day series that began yesterday. Enjoy! Chuckle. Laugh. Reflect...I sure did! Shout out (once again!) to the awesome soon-to-be teachers at Mount Holyoke College and Hampshire College who reflecting on their practice for this piece.

If teaching were a a food, it would be:

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Jessica Cuthbertson

July 8, 2014

The Truth About Text Complexity


It took me just over two years of painstaking trial and error, but I finally found a book for Dakota. The book that he’ll remember as a game changer. The one that shifted him from compliant to enthusiastic page-turner.  

Some adolescents enter our classrooms voracious readers. But many other students still haven’t found THE book. In edu-speak we sometimes call these students “reluctant” or “struggling” readers. In actuality, they are simply readers who haven’t yet experienced the joy of being lost in a world of words.

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José Luis Vilson

July 8, 2014

A Few Reactions To The NEA Empowered Educator Day 2014


What does it mean to be a teacher leader, and what does it mean to be empowered?

These were two of my inquiries as I headed to Denver, CO, for the National Education Association Empowered Educators Day, co-sponsored by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the General Electric Foundation. I was very familiar with the work of all folks involved, and, even though this was the first event of its kind for NEA, I still saw this as a good first step to having this discussion about teacher leadership and all its forms.

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Bill Ferriter

July 4, 2014


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One of my favorite parts about attending a conference like #ISTE2014 is having the chance to think deeply with brilliant peers.  Every conversation that I had -- whether it took place in a diner, outside the Expo hall, in the backchannel of a session, or on a walk back to the condo that I shared with Philip Cummings and John Spencer -- was a chance to wrestle with teaching and learning in today's world.

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